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Dear Customer,

We can turn your picture/image in to any multi panel design from our website in either canvas print or canvas oil painting,for canvas print custom order we charge 15% extra from our regular canvas prints prices on our website images and 25% extra from our oil paintings prices on our website for custom oil painting,we charge $10 to show you how your image/picture will look in a few different designs before you choose,this will help you make the right decision and once you place the order we will refund you the $10 back,so basically this service is free, if you would like to see your image/print in different multi panel designs please do the following


A=Email us your image/picture to

B=Send us $10 to our pay pal account which is (

C=Email us letting us know you did A and B and we will ask our artists to photoshop your image/picture in a few different designs and email them to you with in 48 to 72 hours


Thank you

Custom paintings/prints info

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